The Public Procurement Authority has entered into an Administration Agreement with the Western Fire Chiefs Association to act as Administrator of the PPA and to perform tasks and responsibilities as directed by the PPA Board of Directors.

The Administrator is responsible for carrying out the directives of the PPA board which may include the following:

  • Identification of products and technology that will benefit PPA members and public safety and government agencies nationwide
  • Administer the bid process including coordination of drafting of specifications for Request for Proposals in cooperation with PPA Specification and Evaluation Committee
  • Publication of Request for Proposals
  • Coordination of Evaluation of Bid Responses in cooperation with PPA Specification and Evaluation Committee
  • Entering into Master Price Agreements
  • Coordination of use of PPA contracts by other public entities
  • Maintaining PPA records



The PPA has formed a Product Sourcing Committee to advise and assist the Administrator and Board of Directors in preparation of specifications for Requests for Proposals as well as Evaluating the Responses to Bids.


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