RFP Questions and Answers

Q: In the Proposer Profile Workbook, 2.2.7, it requests that we acknowledge compliance with Davis Bacon wage requirements, but we are not in an industry related to this law. What should be entered here?

A:  Davis Bacon Requirements pertain to prevailing wages for construction, alteration, or repair of public facilities.  If this is inapplicable to the products and services your company provides, you can include that in your response.


RFP # 1720

Q: How is the pricing judged?

A:  Pricing is evaluated based upon the complete pricing structure included in the Proposer’s response, including the retail price, discount and any additional pricing incentives.

Q: How is the coverage evaluated?

A: Coverage is evaluated based on the Proposer’s ability to provide products and services for the coverage region indicated in its response.  Specifically, distribution, retail facilities, service facilities, coordination between manufacturer and distributor (if applicable) and staff availability.