RFP Process

The PPA’s public procurement process follows the public purchasing rules and regulations of the State of Oregon. The general process is as follows:

  • The PPA specification committee along with the Administrative staff prepare a RFP to solicit bids from potential vendors for a product or service
  • The RFP incorporates the required cooperative purchasing language that allows government agencies across the nation to utilize (piggy back off) the contract
  • The RFP is advertised pursuant to the state public contracting procedures including, but not limited to, distribution by email to all known prospective responders, posting on the PPA and NPPGov website, legally required posting in newspapers of general circulation and posting on other sites likely to give notice
  • Vendors  respond to the RFP
  • The PPA evaluation committee reviews, evaluates and recommends award taking into consideration the vendors’ ability to meet specific performance requirements as set forth in the RFP
  • The PPA Board of Directors awards the contract to one or more vendors based on the evaluations received from committee
  • The PPA enters into Master Price Agreements with awarded vendors
  • The Master Price Agreements are made available to members of NPPGov by execution of the Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing Agreement available to all NPPGov members


PPA Publishing Policy

The PPA publishes Notices of Solicitation in the following newspapers both in print and online:

The Notice of Solicitation and RFP can also be found on the following: